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Studio Etiquette

In addition to offering premium flooring, all renters and visitors are to exercise caution, consideration, and awareness of their surroundings when they are in TDRS


Even though they can be avoided, accidents can nonetheless happen in the studio, particularly when making use of the feature cyc wall area.


Full payment is confirmed when booking a reservation date.

Email Transfer: (Final Cost) + (13%) Sales Tax

Credit Card upon arrival,

cyc wall insurance. 


This facility is by the hour.

To avoid any overages, be kind to the next reservation when ending promptly on your walk-out time.   

End Time: Allow 15-20 minutes before the session ends to gather all things.

Walk Out: The client's reservation ends as they walk out. This is the time period out specified by the client. 

:Cyclorama Wall

The cyclorama is not repainted.
If you want the cyclorama to be completely white, please request a repaint ahead of time.

Please avoid stepping on the cyclorama curve; it is delicate. Any losses will be passed on to production.

For BEST RESULTS: Please stay in socks or use shoe covers while in the cyc wall. Thank you! 


When booking, make sure your head count is correct. You will be charged extra per hour if you send a booking request with 10 people and show up with 25 people.

The pricing breakdown per hour is as follows:
1-14 persons — $0 additional charge 
14-20 persons = $20 per hour additional 
21-30 persons = $40 per hour additional 

Maximum for seated catered events 30 people. 


The thing must be returned in the same state as you found it. Any losses will be passed on to production.


Smoking is not permitted in the studio. This can be waived for a cost of $200 (Smoking Odour Removal).

Directions: Driving & Walking

Can't find us Click Here!  

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Parking & Loading Dock
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