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To make it easy for us to prepare for your production and meet your needs, please keep in mind to offer the following information when making a reservation.
Not sure how to inquire ?
Example Email Inquiry Questions
  • I am looking to film my music video with a team of 10, we have our own gear + lighting. We would like film from the loft, occupy the makeup room and we would like to add on our own car. Is there a  painting fee?  or a package for music videos?  

  • I would like to host a bridal or baby shower for 25–30 people; all I need are tables and chairs with tablecloths; is this something that may be provided? I have my own ideas for decorations and colour schemes. I'll be getting food delivered.

Before making a reservation, we advise all NEW visitors to take a physical tour.
To make it easy for us to prepare for your production and meet your needs, please keep in mind to offer the following information when making a reservation. (Best by email with a follow up confirmation phone call)
Example Inquiry Questions
  1. I am inquiring to rent the the studio for ......(tell us what type of production)

  2. I have X amount of people attending my session..... 

  3. I would like to bring/have a car at my session.....

  4. I need all included equipment with my session.....

  5. I am bringing my own equipment...

  6. I would like to add on feature items to my session...

Please ask as many questions in your email to make your production a success with the dream room studio.

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Credit card
Studio Tour
Terms of Service
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Yes, all clients who hire the studio must present a photo ID and a credit card before accessing the workspace. If they do not deliver these items, the session will be ended immediately.

Do I need a valid credit card and photo ID to book the studio?

Yes, taking a complimentary consultation tour will give you the benefit of seeing the space in person and have the chance to visualize your project working here. 

Should I take a tour before booking the space?

Yes,  all clients must acknowledge and sign the studio terms of services online form, it can be found here. 

Do I need to sign for liability when renting the space?

No, however the client's deposit will be used as a credit toward a rebooking date. Valid for 6 months from the date of the original booking. 

Are there refunds?

We currently accept E-transfers, Cash, and Stripe online payments.

Payment & Deposits

Any booking less than 4 hours will require full payment. Deposits are required for events and long-term rentals to confirm your booking date.

Payments & Deposits
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Monday - Thursday 

Day 9am-5pm

Evening 5pm-10pm

After Hours 10pm-9am

Business Hours of Operation

Friday - Saturday

Day 9am-5pm

Evening 5pm-11pm

After Hours 11pm-9am


Day 9am-4pm

Evening 4pm-10pm

After Hours 10pm-9am

Evening Hours of Operation

24 Hours of Operation

Holidays price varies

Facility Occupancy


How many people can occupy the filming loft?


a maximum weight of 1,200 pounds can access the filming loft at a time.


How many people in the studio at once?


a maximum of 40 persons

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Event Production

Dj Section
Max group size 
House Fee

Drinking Alcohol 

When hosting an event with alcohol beverages intended, client must present a "Liquors Permit" 2-3 weeks prior to the event, If client does not have permit alcohol will not be approved for this session. 

Can I bring food ?

Outside food is allowed in the kitchen and garage bay area. The filming wall is off limits to drinks and food.

When scheduling your date, you must enquire about and arrange for the food setup, which includes extra tables, sofas, and chairs not included in our regular rentals. 

Catering setup

Can I bring my ...
Production gear
Personal items
Event staging furniture 


You are welcome to bring your own stuff, gear, and equipment. The studio is not responsible for any damages or theft that occurs while you are in the facility or on the property.

Can I Bring my...
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Cyclorama wall
More lighting
Equipment list

Does the cyclorama wall come pre lit?

Yes, our cyclorama wall is pre lit with 8 Strobe Pro Quadstar LED continuous II

Do you have extra lighting available?

Yes, we offer more lighting equipment and stands + sandbags suggested as an add on with your rental duration.  

Is there an equipment list? 

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Affiliate Programme

Affiliate Programme

How can I benefit from the affiliate programme



All consistent working artists will benefit from our membership programme. When booking their own clients for business, they have first choice of scheduling and access to all studio amenities. In addition, all studio rooms are accessible.


Are you open to partnerships?


We are interested in creating commercial collaborations. Please send us a proposal for your offer, which our team will review.

Near By Accomodations

Convenient Near By Accommodations 


What nearby accommodations can we expect?


Sleeping accommodations, public transportation, fast food restaurants, dining restaurants, grocery stores, building supply stores, and more are all available in our neighbourhood.



147 Westney Rd S.
Ajax, ON L1S2C9





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