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The Dream Room Studio is an apartment-style open concept room. We have a variety of areas and rooms to accommodate your projects.After each booking, cleanliness is our main concern; we want all clients to have an exceptional white place to entertain in.

Front office
Front entrance of the studio
Studio Kitchen
Loft View w_ kitchen
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Makeup Lounge
Luxury Shower Room

Studio  Rooms

Filming Wall

The Dream Room Studio has a floor-to-ceiling cyclorama wall with a grid of soft box lighting kits. This wall is ideal for film, television, music, and photography shoots. This displays Rosco TV White, which appears to be a light grey. Many professionals like it while seeking for a white background. 


Natural Light Office

Our studio's main entrance features lovely sunlight throughout the day. We can adapt our office to your production, storefront, or even holding area upon request.  Most of our rooms may be simply customized to fit your own theme. 


Bay Garage Door

Our facility includes a garage door right next to our front door. This feature provides our clients with the convenience of bringing vehicles in and a great loading dock. 



The kitchen is where all the action happens, and our original open concept studio's kitchenette, like other houses, is the major entertaining room. 

Amenities Included

  • Fridge & Freezer

  • Toaster & Toaster Oven

  • Microwave

  • Tea Kettle 

  • Bluetooth speakers

  • Free Wifi

  • In house furniture & props


Balcony Loft

The entirety of the studio is from the balcony, a lovely new addition to our location. It used to hold a recording booth, but owing to popular demand, the balcony was created to give a birds-eye view of the setting. 


Lounge & Shower Room

Our lounge and shower room are to the right of the balcony, along the short hallway. Originally, the lounge was designed to be a makeup artist's dream, with bar height countertops and seats, wall to wall mirrors, and traditional bulb lighting.  This room is adaptable to the client's requirements.

The luxurious shower room was stylishly built to be a spray tanning salon. It's ideal for post-production cleanup and even production use.  


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