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The Studio Story

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Inspiration for the studio has been a journey of experiences being involved in the film industry starting at a young age. When the excitement of creating your own vision comes to life you know its real when you see the reactions in your audiences eyes: it's the most magical thing you can see come from a human. Making someone feel a feeling is reality and show business, without feeling who is being moved?

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A transmission shop in Ajax, Ontario, was converted into a unique independent studio as part of our development, which began in January 2019. Over the years recognizing that a lot of talent coming from the Durham Region district ventures into the city to complete projects or audition for productions. Having the opportunity to build a space that hosts all the necessary needs without having to exhaust your travels to the city each time is right here near you.

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THE DREAM ROOM STUDIO serving the Durham Region and the GTA.  A brand-new production facility with a lofty Toronto warehouse atmosphere starring the Largest Cyclorama Wall in all of Durham Region.


Take advantage of our lighting equipment kits, custom-made accessories and furnishings. Give centre stage to your brand with our film and photography services. Independent production crews welcome.   

In order to serve a variety of local and international artists,


The Dream Room Studio formally opened its doors in April 2021. Working in our newly completed studio can help you grow your brand, specifically designed for media content creators, portrait photographers, Film production, exclusive catered meals, and special events. Conveniently situated between the Go Transit and the 401 access in the centre of Ajax.

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Studio Managers Role 

Studio managers are in charge of the day-to-day operations of a studio. Their duties frequently involve distributing work to personnel, developing studio regulations, and maintaining equipment. 


The roles of a studio

The main driving force behind the development of a project is usually a studio. All components of the filmmaking process are often managed in-house by a studio.

A filmmaker must be able to think creatively, solve problems, and be resilient.  Planning and logistics make up a large part of what happens in a production company. A majority of the planning for a shoot is delegated to production companies. 

Where To Find The Dream Room Studio Production Space

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