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White wall includeds

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Film & Photography Rental

Welcome Media Creators \

We are thrilled to have your attention and the attention is all yours when you hire The Dream Room Studio. Impress your clients with our private unique white room workspace for your professional business, personal projects and even hire us to make your video or photoshoot visions come to life.

StriveWith US

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Hours of operation
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Rental Booking Start Times

9am- 5pm



Cyclorama Wall

Unleash Your Best

Successful Bookings BTS 

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Cyclorama Wall Lighting Grid

Our Feature Cyc wall lighting grid is illuminated by X8 QuadStar Continuous LED II. Only the main floor currently has access to colored lights.

Additional Lighting + stands \

Cloud LED Wall

Green Screen Only
Colored backdrops coming soon!

Backdrop Stands \ bring your own backdrops
C- Stand & Tripods

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LED Color kit Lighting

Godox VL150 

Quadstar LED II


Soft Lighting 

  • Godox VL150 w/ StrobePro 24’’ X 35” rapid pro 

  • Godox VL150 w/ StrobePro 24’’ X 35” rapid pro

  • StrobePro Quadstar LED Continuous II x4


RGB Lighting

  • Godox VL150 w/ StrobePro - Attachment and gels

  • 24’’ Godox RGB Tube Light TL60 2700k- 6500k 

  • 24’’ Godox RGB Tube Light TL60 2700k- 6500k 

  • RGB Strobe Flat Par Light - x 2

  • RGB Strobe Flat Par Light - x2


Backdrops +  Stands
Backdrops(fabric) & Stands(included)

  • 10 x 10 Green  

  • 10 x 10 Green 

  • 12 x 12 White 

  • 10 x 10 Black

  • StrobePro backdrop stand 

  • StrobePro backdrop stand 

  • StrobePro backdrop stand 

  • RGB Strobe Flat Par Light w/double lamp stand

Props + Furniture

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White Wall Etiquette 
Rental Requirements 

Please do not walk upward on the hollow curve of the cyclorama wall. Consequently, costs will follow.

  1. Footprints on the wall's curvature will be charged per footmark.. 

  2. Having access to the studio's furniture, not all items reside on the main floor. Please make agreements with management when hiring the studio.

  3. The facility is open concept; however, if all rooms are used, an extra cleaning cost will be applied to the rental fee.  

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